Green urban technologies are used on the farm, which is easy and environmentally friendly to operate and maintain.
  • Patented low carbon hydraulic water-driven green technology
  • Soil-mix, fertilizers and water are controlled
  • Modular A-frame structures for easy installation & maintenance
  • Outdoor green houses, which use abundant sunlight in the tropics throughout the year
  • Green technology is used to achieve the 3R ( reduce, reuse and recycle)

Research & Development (R&D)


Investment in R&D and test bedding over the last two years (2009-2011), has brought about the commercialization of the vertical urban farming system. It is the first low carbon hydraulic water-driven vertical system in the world to grow tropical-vegetables vertically in the tropics, which gives significant yield and uses less water, energy and natural resources, to achieve a sustainable green high-tech farm. The farm will continue to invest in R&D to develop new urban solutions to meet future challenges.