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Ensuring food supply resilience is important to land-scarce countries such as Singapore. Mr Jack Ng the founder of Sky Greens, has shown that it is possible through innovative and green solutions, for high-rise vertical farming in urban cities, to achieve significant higher yields per unit area of land.


He started building his prototype in 2009. A Research Collaborative Agreement was signed between Sky Greens and the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) in April 2010. The private-public sector collaboration resulted in the development of multi-layer troughs in rotating A-frame vertical structures (called “A-Go-Gro”), using green technologies. The world’s first vertical tropical vegetable farm was test-bedded with AVA and successfully proven. This was publicized on 28 Jan 2011, and commercialized in 2012.


At the Ministry of National Development (MND) Urban Sustainability R&D Congress in June 2011, Sky Greens together with AVA won the Minister for National Development’s R&D Award 2011 (Merit Award) for Vertical Farming, an innovative and green solution addressing national urban food sustainability challenges for Singapore.